As all good cooks know the proof will always be in the pudding. So Import Ants asked one of our customers, avid Thermomix user Brian Smith, what he thinks of our Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber.

“I was given the Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber about 2 months ago. Initially I put it aside as I was sceptical and assumed it would be too abrasive on my non-stick pans and I certainly couldn’t fathom using it on my stainless steel Thermomix. Then, after a particularly sticky burnt BBQ ribs incident, I decided to try the brush out on an oven tray that I believed to be beyond repair. I was absolutely amazed by how little effort was required to get the cremated pan looking new again…

After that I began to use the scrubber on other appliances and pans in the house and the coconut fibre bristles softened slightly. By no means did this alter its effectiveness, but it did give me the confidence to try it out on the Thermomix, which is without a doubt the most valuable and utilised item in my kitchen.

The Thermomix brand have a plastic brush that they market as the best way to clean the appliance and it is sold as an add on through the website for around $5. I have had my Thermomix for about 18 months now and have gone through 5 of these brushes over that period. It is a cheap product that performs like one and I have definitely found the Eco Max brush to be far more effective so have been recommending them to all my fellow “Thermies” ever since. It literally works on everything.  It removes food from tiny crevices, its strong, its effective, its durable, it is good for the environment and comparatively it is far better value given that they last for so long.”

Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber

The Eco Max Kitchen Scrubber is ethically handmade in Sri Lanka from natural coconut fibre. It is dishwasher safe, chemical free, biodegradable and coconut fibre has a natural anti-bacterial.



Full disclosure, Brian Smith is Jessie’s Father. When she started at Import Ants we gave her lots of brushes to take home and use and she gave a Kitchen Scrubber to him.  A month later he rang her to say how wonderful it was and how fantastic he found it to clean his Thermomix, so Jessie interviewed him.

Kim Good- Import Ants